Satvam’s Diabetes Research Journey

Satvam’s Diabetes Research Journey

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a chronic metabolic disease, characterized by hyperglycemia due to a defect in insulin secretion or resistance to insulin action. Endocrine pancreatic tissue contains

islets consisting of β cells, having the function of synthesizing and secreting insulin. In turn, insulin plays a key role in the regulation of glucose homeostasis.

We involved in Diabetes research and clinical study since 2006. At present, Satvam Diabetic

Support tablet is a research-driven potent formulation with therapeutic advantages in diabetes. We have explored the therapeutic potential of products through basic exploratory research in

animal experiments and proof of concept clinical study.

It is observed through the glimpse of the animal research that Satvam Diabetic Support Product enhances β-cell function, and β-cell proliferation and inhibited apoptotic β-cell with found useful in the management of Diabetes as per HOMA-B, HOMA-IR Study. As per the outcomes of the exploratory animal model and POC clinical study, it can be concluded that the oral administration of Satvam Diabetic Support tablets found a 50% reduction in elevated fasting and post-meal blood glucose level along with almost 3.1 HbA1c dropping point in 60 days with glucose homeostasis with reduction of existing doses of insulin and OHA. There is a reduction in insulin resistance and improvement in insulin secretory function of β cells evident by promising results in the animal model and C-Peptide, HOMA-IR, and HOMA- β scores in the clinical study.

The therapeutic effectiveness of the product could be attributed to the rationale selection of

Botanical blends with their specifications are used as phytoconstituents/Phytochemicals and

towards the purity and quality maintained from a selection of ingredients up to manufacturing and packing of the finished product.

Maintaining pancreatic β cell function and structure will be a strategic approach for the

prevention and treatment of diabetes. Research of novel, natural, safe and cost-effective products like Satvam Diabetic Support Tablet can enhance pancreatic beta-cell function or can increase pancreatic beta-cell mass with a reduction in β-cell apoptotic due to autoimmune attraction. 

It could prove a pivotal patentable invention of not only a novel antidiabetic agent but a sustainable therapeutic approach in the reversal or management of diabetes, its symptoms and related complications.

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