How Cell Regeneration is Possible with Satvam’s Phytochemistry Science

How cell regeneration is possible with Satvam’s Phytochemistry Science

Phytochemistry is the study of Phytochemicals, which are Active chemicals derived from Plants. This active constituent is called Phytochemicals, Phytoconstituents. Active Constituents are extracted by various extraction techniques and recovered by Spray drying, Freeze drying and vacuum drying according to the compatibility of the plant and its part characteristics. Alkaloids, Volatile oil, Tannins, glycosides etc are examples of Phytoconstituents. Phytochemicals have their own Pharmacological activity. It contains single or multiple compounds as chemical constituents.

Phytochemicals or Phytoconstituents group and its concentration is confirmed by HPLC,

Gravimetry and UV spectroscopy. This concentration range is between (5% to 95% w/w).  As the concentration is increased, aqueous solubility and bioavailability will be poor. During extraction, Maltodextrin or Dextrin should be incorporated due to poor micropolitics properties. 

Mostly marketed formulation contains single or combined phytoconstituents in capsule, or syrup and are rare in the tablet dosage form. For tabletting, excipients, and additives should be incorporated for disintegration, Dissolution, Compaction and lubricating effect.

We design dosage forms according to causality targets to solve chronic diseases and regenerate cells. Cell regeneration happens due to the synergy effect of phytochemicals/ Phytoconstituents and its target at a specific site called ACT (Active causality target) by OEM Patentable technology of same. With this technology, we succeed in clinical trials and case studies with challengeable outcomes in the following area: 

  • Diabetes
  • High bad cholesterol i.e., LDL, Triglycerides
  • Neurological problems such as Anxiety & Insomnia
  • Gut problems such as Digestive Health, Constipation, & Acidity
  • Liver disease- Fatty liver (Alcoholic, Non-Alcoholic)
  • Kidney Diseases & Stone
  • Joint diseases such as Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, & Sciatica
  • Hormonal Imbalance in Males & Females
  • Respiratory diseases such as Cough Cold, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, & Asthma
  • Piles & Fissure 
  • Weight Management
  • Anti-Viral &  Anti-Bacterial
  • Natural Multivitamin for men, women, and kids such as Natural Vitamin B12, Natural Vitamin- D, Natural Omega-3, Organic 95% Curcumin & Antioxidant.
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