Here’s How You Can Maintain Weight Naturally: Tips for Healthy Weight Management and Diet to Follow

Here’s How You Can Maintain Weight Naturally: Tips for Healthy Weight Management and Diet to Follow

Making resolutions and planning rigorously to lose weight- we’ve all been there, done that. A person’s weight is not the only determinant of their health but it does play a significant role in the overall health. Maintaining healthy weight ensures that your body functions well and reduces health risks, especially as you age.

However, did you know that following fad diets and starving oneself is not the way to go for maintaining healthy weight? If you are someone trying to achieve a certain kilogram on the scale, you must know that your healthy weight differs from that of the others. Every individual’s body is different and functions differently. Your metabolism, age, nutrition, and several other factors determine your healthy weight.

Read the blog to know all about natural and healthy weight management, but first let us dive in to understand what is ‘healthy weight’.

What is Healthy Weight?

Healthy weight is the ideal number that lowers your body’s risk of weight-related diseases and other health issues. In other words, when your Body Mass Index (BMI) falls within a weight range that is considered healthy for tackling weight-related issues, you have healthy weight.

However, it is important to note that BMI is not an indicator of your general health. Having a normal BMI does not necessarily determine that you are completely healthy. Similarly, being underweight or overweight does not indicate that you are unhealthy. Maintaining healthy weight does lower the risk of serious chronic diseases like diabetes, stroke, heart diseases, different cancers, and high blood pressure. However, ideal healthy weight differs from person to person.

Factors Affecting Weight Management

The journey towards achieving healthy weight and successful weight management is complex. There are several factors that affect weight management as listed below.

  • Genes
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Diet
  • Physical Activity
  • Environment
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Medication/Medical Condition

Tips to Maintain Healthy Weight Naturally

Weight management is all about the right energy balance- how many calories we consume, how many calories we burn, and how many calories we store. Successful weight management and maintaining healthy weight is more of a lifestyle rather than a one-time goal. Here are some important tips to maintain healthy weight naturally.

  • Incorporate exercise and physical activity in your everyday routine. Engage in strength training at least twice a week.
  • Do not skip breakfast. Eating breakfast helps maintain healthy weight and aids successful weight loss.
  • Consume lots of protein as it promotes fullness and increases metabolism.
  • Sleep deprivation and irregular sleep patterns affect healthy weight maintenance. Getting enough sound sleep aids weight management.
  • Control stress to control weight. Excess stress may stimulate your appetite leading to unhealthy weight gain.
  • Switch to a plant-based diet. With an increased consumption of leafy greens lowers the risk of developing chronic diseases and improves metabolic health.
  • Make sustainable lifestyle changes. Set realistic weight goals and stay dedicated to incorporate healthy weight maintenance as a lifestyle.
  • Attain your healthy weight naturally with Satvam Weight Loss Support. Switch to this plant-based, chemical-free weight loss supplement for healthy weight management and improved metabolism.

Diet Guide for Healthy Weight Management

  • Fuel up on Fiber: Increase your intake of fibrous foods like beans, nuts, seeds, oats, and fruits.
  • Say ‘Yes’ to Healthy Fat: Ditch the misconception, not all fats are the villain in your diet journey. Make room for healthy fats like avocados, olive oil, and nuts.
  • Ditch Added Sugar: Added sugar leads to unhealthy weight gain and health conditions like heart disease and diabetes.
  • Cook More at Home: Eating more home-cooked meals is a great way to keep weight and overall health in check.
  • Eat a Protein-Rich Breakfast: Always have your breakfast and include protein-rich foods in it to avoid unhealthy snacking throughout the day.
  • Cut Back on Refined Carbs: Reduce intake of refined carbs and instead choose sources of good carbs like oats, quinoa, barley, potatoes, carrots, and others in your diet.
  • Eat Whole Foods and Leafy Greens: Nourish your body with whole foods and leafy green vegetables.
  • Switch to Plant-Based Diet: Plant-based diet improves overall gut health, reduces inflammation, and supports immune system.

Satvam Nutrition’s Weight Loss Support

Satvam Nutrition’s Weight Loss Support is a plant-based formulation that contains key ingredients like Vrikshamla, Hirda, Green Coffee, and Green Tea. These ingredients aid to boost healthy weight management by improving lipid and fat metabolism, optimize gut and digestive health. Our products are vegan, sugar-free and clinically tested. Improve overall wellness and energy with a blend of all-natural ingredients.

Healthy living is all about making mindful lifestyle changes. By incorporating regular physical activity and a nutritious diet, along with Satvam Nutrition’s Weight Loss Support, you can manage weight successfully. Create a fine synergy of a healthy lifestyle that offers holistic wellbeing.

Take the Natural Route to Healthy Weight Management

Everyone’s weight loss journey looks different. There are various aspects that affect healthy weight management other than your diet and exercise. Maintaining healthy weight is a choice that requires realistic changes in your daily routine.

Find out what suits you best for your optimum health and stick to that for successful weight management and nutrition. Choose Satvam Nutrition for all your natural, science-backed health and nutritional supplements.

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