About Us

About Us

At Satvam
We Care For You

Who does not like the freshly baked cookies, the over amount of cheese in your cheese burst, the perfect blend of sausages in your spaghetti?

We understand your crave and the craze for your taste buds but we don’t want you to compromise on your health by any means. Our body is built up of infinite cells and multiple organs which need all the organic nutrients to function well and keeps us healthy.

Because your food choices affect your health. Now, it's your choice to Improve it day by day or Deteriorate it?.

Our Goal

Eliminate deficiencies by
bridging the nutrition gap, everyday

Boost metabolism with the proper nutrition intake, efficiently

Build immunity to fight diseases and infections, effectively

For holistic wellbeing, you should eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, take adequate sleep, and think positively. We can help you with your diet. You take charge of the rest of things.

What’s New at SATVAM?

We have formulated a unique cough & cold syrup that’s ‘dry’. Yes, you heard it right! It’s a convenient solution for cough problems.
Carry anywhere. Just Dissolve - Stir - Drink.