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Empower your cells & DNA

Natural Vitamin D3

Short Description :
Satvam Nutrition's Natural Vitamin D3 provides just the right amount of each essential vitamin to maximize its benefits to provide you with healthy joints, a healthy immune system & healthy hair & skin. Vitamin D3 is essential for properly absorbing the calcium we all know is so important as we age.

  • Zero Chemical

  • 100% Organic

  • Result Oriented

How to Consume:
Take 2 tablets twice in a day before meals Or as directed by healthcare consultant.

How to Consume:
10 ml Dosage, 3 times in Day.

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Why to Buy Natural Vitamin D3 Tablets With Satvam Nutrition.

  • Organic

  • Clinically Tested

  • Scientific Research

  • Zero-Chemicals

Natural Vitamin D3 Benefits

  • Cartilage Recovery

    Experience improved cartilage health with the power of Vitamin D3

  • Joint & Muscular repair

    Enrich the goodness of natural ingredients to heal Joints and Muscle health

  • Bone Health

    Improve Bone health to run the right way.

  • Healthy Teeth

    Experience the natural rich source of Calcium.

  • Improve stamina & vitality

    Enhance your stamina & vitality with the natural and organic source of Vitamin C.

  • Healthy Immune System

    Embrace your immunity levels with Vitamin D3


Chemical-free Formation: Satvam nutrition supplements are manufactured with 100% pure and natural ingredients, making them completely safe to consume.

Technologically Advanced Process: Satvam products are backed by Human clinical trial/Case studies/Animal toxicitty. The brand has employed AI technology called Active Causality Target (ACT).

Powered by Science: Satvam, as a brand, has devised an algorithm and statistical model of 300+ phytochemicals and its synergy effect to regenerate cells for preventing chronic diseases.

Natural Vitamin D3 Ingredients

Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps increase intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus with various biological benefits.



Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you are well informed about Satvam nutritional supplements' benefits, it's time to answer the most frequently asked questions about the products.

What is Vitamin D3?

A vitamin is produced by the body when exposed to ultraviolet light or obtained from dietary sources. Vitamin D3known as cholecalciferol has an important role in calcium and phosphorus metabolism.

Role of Vitamin-D3?

It is very helpful in Joint and Muscle recovery, Immunity booster and anti-oxidant support.

What is the RDA value as per the Daily recommended limit of Vitamin-D3?

As per ICMR, the RDA value is 800-1000 IU daily or 60000IU per 7-30 days as per disease. For daily use 800-1000 IU is enough.

What are the Advantages of SATVAM Vitamin-D3 Tablets over others?

SATVAM Natural Vitamin-D3 are Purely vegged, and chemical-free formulation. It Contains Cholecalciferol formed from Mushrooms. It is a 100% natural, high absorption and chemical-free formula. For those who are vegetarian, it is a good option for them.

What is a Single tablet of SATVAM Vitamin-D3 daily allowance limit?

As per the RDA Value recommended by ICMR, 1000 IU is the Daily dose of Vitamin-D3 required for the adult dose as per the daily recommended limit (as per 2000 calories diet)

What is the dosage to be taken for SATVAM Vitamin D3?

You should take 1 tablet a day on regular bases with plenty of water, preferable after a meal. For Joint patients, the dose will be 1-1 tablet twice or as directed by a healthcare person.

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