Vital Relationship Between Mankind & Plants

Vital Relationship Between Mankind & Plants

As humans, we breathe in air, which contains oxygen. Oxygen is essential for us. Plants such as trees, on the other hand, can take in this carbon dioxide, which is unusable for humans, and use it to produce their own energy. Plants are known as producers, which simply means that they produce their own energy without the need for eating. Through photosynthesis, humans can again breathe in Oxygen that was produced and survive. And humans help plants breathe by providing them with Carbon dioxide.

When we talk about the journey both plants and humans share a very similar set of journeys, Plants began their journey with a seed and grew with soil to fertilize it, whereas on the other hand humans began their journey with Embryo and grow beautifully in mother's womb. 

Plants have a sense of effect and they react by releasing hormones, when we cut plant parts similarly human blood is released during injury. Every Plant Leaf contains fibres which are called plant hairs for secretion of waste & absorption of environmental contents. Similar human skin contains hairs & pores for the same. For desired output, Plant hybridization is possible, similarly to IVF, Surrogacy is possible in humans. Every human and tree are unique & no two are exactly alike, though they belong to the same family.

Both humans and trees are composed of 50% - 60% water & are also incompatible with chemicals like Petrol, Diesel, and Solvent. Surprisingly both humans and plants are composed of more than 25000 genes inside the cell which makes the food absorbing function similar and both are sensitive to hot & cold weather. They both share the same secretary organs like kidneys, and intestines in humans and stomata in plants.

Plant and human cells also have many of the same parts: the mitochondrion, Golgi apparatus, rough and smooth endoplasmic reticulum, nucleus, cytoplasm and ribosomes. Both require nutrients and water to survive, and both engage in some sort of respiration.

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